Timothy Melton

* * *
Nominee for Structure and Operations; Special Projects

What is your company and title?

Timothy Meltons Territorial Enterprises Inc., Treasurer, President, and Owner


Tell us why you’re best for the Structure and Operations committee!

Let’s see what I can orchestrate, Only greatness.


Tell us why you’re best for the Special Projects committee!

Leadership skills and understanding, motivation, energy, dedication, and faithfulness


Why are you interested in serving on a Connect 313 Committee? What do you hope to gain from the experience? 

Connections, Positive Results executed.


What is your vision for bridging the digital divide in Detroit?

Wow, I have been bridging with Kenya, Gambia, Pakistan, and Uganda. But Detroit, we can start fundraiser(s) and donate wifi and cell phones to whom individuals or groups that reach out, around those areas, very nice thanks for listening.


Please share your current community activities and/or volunteer work.

I actually found an Old bank, vacant, out of that and hope I have been cleaning for last 3 weeks and managing the grounds. looking forward to owning it, then move in on next Structure.


Please share any skills, experience, or interests that you may have. 



Finance / Accounting

Public Relations / Marketing / Communications

Outreach / Advocacy

Board Experience

Community Service

Grant Writing

Policy Development

Nonprofit Experience

Education / Training

Public Speaking

Empathy (the ability to understand and share the feelings of others)

Relationship Building + Management

Leadership / Coaching Skills

Time Management

Project Management

Facilitation Skills