Stacy Lorne

* * *
Nominee for Special Projects

What is your company and title?

Landlord Engagement Specialist, Community Housing Network


Tell us why you’re best for this committee! 

I believe someone should vote for me because I am an experienced social worker passionate about reducing barriers, increasing access to meaningful resources, and supporting community-led work. I am skilled in developing relationships, launching new positions, and leading collaborative initiatives.


Why are you interested in serving on a Connect 313 Committee? What do you hope to gain from the experience? 

I am interested in serving on a Connect 313 Committee to ensure we are engaging, supporting, and creating systems that meet the needs of residents. Through this experience I hope to gain the trust of residents to allow me to learn with them.


What is your vision for bridging the digital divide in Detroit?

My vision for bridging the digital divide in Detroit is listening and learning. Access to high-speed internet and a tablet is not enough. To bridge the digital divide we need to learn where Detroiters are in the digital divide, and ask them where they want to go.


Please share any of your current committee or Board memberships.

I am currently chair of the Landlord Engagement Committee in Macomb County and a member of the Landlord Engagement Workgroup in Oakland County.


Please share any skills, experience, or interests that you may have. 


Outreach / Advocacy

Board Experience

Community Service

Grant Writing

Nonprofit Experience

Public Speaking

Empathy (the ability to understand and share the feelings of others)

Relationship Building + Management

Leadership / Coaching Skills

Time Management

Project Management