Keason Sanvordenker

* * *
Nominee for Devices and Connectivity

What is your company and title?

Merit Network, Community Engagement Manager


Tell us why you’re best for this committee! 

Ongoing efforts to bring public wifi throughout Detroit. Extensive technology and leadership experience. Very practical and can-do mindset!


Why are you interested in serving on a Connect 313 Committee? What do you hope to gain from the experience? 

Further our organizational objectives to close the digital divide.


What is your vision for bridging the digital divide in Detroit?

Find innovate means for affordable, ubiquitous connectivity and leverage existing infrastructure.


Please share your current community activities and/or volunteer work.

Professional groups


Please share any of your current committee or Board memberships.

PMI-HVC Board (VP Finance, 5 yrs)


Please share any skills, experience, or interests that you may have. 

Finance / Accounting

Board Experience

Nonprofit Experience

Education / Training

Relationship Building + Management

Leadership / Coaching Skills

Project Management