Jamie Harris

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Nominee for Digital Literacy and Skilling; Special Projects

What is your company and title?



Tell us why you’re best for the Digital Literacy and Skilling committee!

I have a training institution in Detroit that focuses on Digital Literacy and Information Technology


Tell us why you’re best for the Special Projects committee!

Special Projects are a big portion of what we do here with participation in community events and special projects to enhance and support our geographical region we are affiliated with.


Why are you interested in serving on a Connect 313 Committee? What do you hope to gain from the experience? 

I hope to gain a greater knowledge of community events and the participation of the 313 teams of entrepreneurs that lead our city in the right direction.


What is your vision for bridging the digital divide in Detroit?

My vision is centered around access and computers for the 1/3 that are not digitally connected. Bridging the digital divide is something we continue to focus on at DSDT so we can continue to provide a means to opportunities that wouldn’t otherwise be available to Detroiters. Bridging the gap is not just providing equipment for the digital divide it is also giving the tools, training, and resources for gainful employment and job readiness that is much needed as well as the equipment. DSDT does this every day.


Please share your current community activities and/or volunteer work.

Community activities include training, mentor workshops, training and mentoring/ providing internships for Detroit High school students, etc.


Please share any of your current committee or Board memberships.

I am a Board Member for another local training institution that is affiliated with Michigan Works and the Grow Detroit youth. Training in post-secondary job skill readiness programs.


Please share any skills, experience, or interests that you may have. 

Finance / Accounting

Public Relations / Marketing / Communications

Outreach / Advocacy

Board Experience

Community Service

Grant Writing

Policy Development

Nonprofit Experience

Education / Training

Public Speaking

Empathy (the ability to understand and share the feelings of others)

Relationship Building + Management

Leadership / Coaching Skills

Time Management

Project Management

Facilitation Skills