Jaharah Muhammad

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Nominee for Devices and Connectivity; Digital Literacy and Skilling

What is your company and title?

Deloitte, Sr. Risk & Compliance Analyst


Tell us why you’re best for these committees! 

I work as a Community Outreach Coordinator and Internal Communications Specialist for Hope Starts Here Detroit. My role here is to connect with community members and identify needed resources. During this COVD time one of the largest gaps many families have is access to the internet. This puts them at a disadvantage when it comes to finding supplemental resources (food, tutoring, work from home opportunities etc). I would love to do my part to assist them with getting access to the needed technology and in developing training materials so they use the technology to best improve their quality of life.


Why are you interested in serving on a Connect 313 Committee? What do you hope to gain from the experience? 

I read an article on how the city of Highland Park was able to grant internet access in select areas to residents via their street lights. To see the advances of technology and how access to the internet can be easily implemented but is still so hard to come by, thus enabling the struggle of certain populations is one of the main reasons I am interested in serving on a Connect313 Committee, to start shifting this balance.


What is your vision for bridging the digital divide in Detroit?

My vision for bridging the digital divide in Detroit is that all residents in the city have access to the internet to improve their quality of life in ways they live, work, and play. They should be able to access the internet for classes, work from home, and interact with distant friends and relatives all while not being frustrated because we will provide the digital literacy skills necessary for residents to succeed as digital innovators and enthusiasts.


Please share your current community activities and/or volunteer work.

I volunteer for Black Girls Code and Hope Starts Here Community Outreach Coordinator and Internal Communication and Technology Specialist.


Please share any of your current committee or Board memberships.

I serve as a Detroit IT User Group Board Member


Please share any skills, experience, or interests that you may have.


Outreach / Advocacy

Board Experience

Community Service

Grant Writing

Policy Development

Nonprofit Experience

Education / Training

Public Speaking

Empathy (the ability to understand and share the feelings of others)

Relationship Building + Management

Leadership / Coaching Skills

Time Management

Project Management

Facilitation Skills