Andy Frey

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Nominee for Devices and Connectivity

What is your company and title?

OneMagnify CIO


Tell us why you’re best for this committee!

Current Chair of ExperienceIT and founding member in 2012; ExperienceIT is a game-changing partnership between leading tech companies, workforce agencies and educational institutions in downtown Detroit – working together to teach, train and prepare the next generation of technology professionals in Detroit. All free for students. Awarded 2017 Michigan Legislature special award for most innovative program. Proud that all students in current cohort are all Detroit residents. Also a leading edge CIO, looking to the future with a passion for Detroit. Proud that OneMagnify won CIO 100 award, top 2020 100 global innovators, and also Michigan CIO Orbie corporate CIO of the year for 2020. I love Detroit and want it to be a leader in technology to improve the lives of all Detroit residents.

I am a very technical CIO and pride myself on being fluent if not more on leading edge technologies. I also have the financial savvy to balance technology value with budget. I am also well versed in Analytics and currently serve on the WSU Big Data and Analytics Advisory Board. I believe in data helping to make decisions. I want to serve Detroit.


Why are you interested in serving on a Connect 313 Committee? What do you hope to gain from the experience? 

I want to give back to the city that I have worked in since 2007. Proud that my company, OneMagnify was downtown before it was chic. I have seen the bad and the good, and feel I have a great perspective. I am familiar if not friends with other Tech leaders in Detroit, and I would hope to solidify and grow new relationships that can positively make Detroit a leader in technology, that serves the residents in a economical common sense manner, making the most of donations and other funding.


What is your vision for bridging the digital divide in Detroit?

Assess the current divide in technology and people and circumstances. Have the facts and data first. Determine biggest impacts. I need to learn more but I know it is difficult for Detroit residents to get access to federal/state/regional services that can improve their lives. I see an initiative that will streamline access to these resources that in my current knowledge are scattered among different agencies etc. Find a way to consolidate and remove the barriers of no technology, limited transportation and the cost of both. I see a partnership with technology initiatives involving connectivity, transportation mobility, applications that streamline and connect citizens in need to services. What should be first is basic infrastructure and making it simple with minimal if any training needed. However, basic needs to be in place that offer value to the residents. Just deploying and providing technology is a first step but there needs to more benefit than internet connectivity. For example, veterans should be connected/defaulted to their services (hospitals, jobs, training), single mothers (medical, well care, food resources, education). I see a central data store that can connect and analyze based on profile, backed up by social media platforms (FB, IG, TT) that geo locates services and/or online resources that seamlessly provides value to the residents. Real training programs that get real jobs (done locally with local volunteers). I am a fan of the Apprenti model. Real work experience combined with education. Reaching out to technology partners I work with currently and getting them on board with technologies that can help the city residents.


Please share your current community activities and/or volunteer work.

ExperienceIT current Chair. WOMSA mentor, WSU Board of Big Data and Analytics.


Please share any of your current committee or Board memberships.

Chairperson ExperienceIT, WSU Board of Big Data and Analytics.


Please share any skills, experience, or interests that you may have. 

Public Relations / Marketing / Communications

Board Experience

Community Service

Nonprofit Experience

Education / Training

Public Speaking

Empathy (the ability to understand and share the feelings of others)

Relationship Building + Management

Leadership / Coaching Skills

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